Truck & Container Rental
Mid-Dessa Rentals, a subsidiary of Thomson Van Lines offers a variety of rental products to ease your move and enhance your storage options. We would be happy to make your move easier by providing the vehicles, crews, containers and advice you need to make your move economically, speedilly and safely. Our strategic partnership with Budget Truck Rental positions you to take advantage of Budget's fine line of moving trucks pictured at right.

Budget Truck Rental
We can rent even the largest van to you through Budget, nationally known for the quality and reliability of their vehicles, as well as the high standard of their choice with whom to do business. Thomson meets this standard, and has for many years. Look to Thomson first for vehicle, van and truck rental.

Tractor Trailer Rig Rental
We think Big at Thomson, as big as your move, and have on hand tractor trailer rigs with full crew, ready to roll and at competitive price per hour per day or as long as you need. Let ius know if we can start the process toward the speedy rental of one of our very own high quality units.

Secure, Steel Storage Containers
Thomson also offers Rental, Sale and Delivery of high quality shipping containers. Our shipping containers are made of the most durable steel available and can serve as virtual vaults, nearly impenetrable to thieves. We would be delighted to deliver one of these remarkable containers to your location for use as secure, economical onsite storage.

Storage units are available in 20',
22' and 40' sizes.
Small & Large Bobtail Rental
We have s small fleet of our own moving vehicles that we keep in our scrupulously maintained motorpool, and can rent to you complete with materials and crew for a great rate. These vehicles are has hard working and cost effective as all the products we offer.