Thomson Van Lines not only looks after your possessions when they’re on the go in the course of a move, but can also care for your things if they need to be stored.

We offer first rate, industry standard storage in a safe, secure facility, easily accessible and centrally located. Many smaller firms offer storage, few meet the requirements that the most precious of your items will demand.

Every dining room chair, every sofa cushion, every cup, plate and spoon deserves the best resting place until you decide its time to put them back into active service. Here again you may rely on Thomson to give your things the best treatment, right down to the last keepsake.

Secure, Steel Storage Containers

Thomson also offers Rental, Sale and Delivery of high quality shipping containers. Our shipping containers are made of the most durable steel available and can serve as virtual vaults, nearly impenetrable to thieves.

And while no container is theft proof, our containers meet international shipping standards to even the most remote regions of the globe, often stacked 6 high on container ships for months on end.

We would be delighted to deliver one of these remarkable containers to your location for use as secure, economical onsite storage. Call Thomson for more details!